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Sauna You Free! Inviting NHS and social prescribing link workers to come and enjoy the magic of sauna for free!

We are delighted to announce that we’re co-hosting a little initiative supported by British Sauna Society and Sauna Our Souls, to invite all NHS workers and link workers for a free sauna on Social Prescribing Day on March 14th, (or before April 14th).

This is a tiny token of gratitude from us as a community for the extraordinary care you have consistently provided throughout the pandemic and beyond. Please can we prescribe you a sauna?

We’ve witnessed such incredible positive shifts in well-being in our community, both in ourselves, and in the people we serve. Recent scientific studies now support all the magic we’ve been feeling in our minds, bodies, and souls for years.

We’d love to help ease the pressure on your local surgeries, and all of you, by helping people get well, and stay well, with regular sauna and safe cold exposure.

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