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Terms & Conditions

Use of the sauna is at your own risk

If you have any concerns like medical conditions, health issues, prescriptions, or pregnancy regarding sauna use, consult your healthcare provider before booking.


Always follow sauna etiquette and safe practices, including:

  • Remove shoes/sandals/flip-flops before entering the sauna.

  • Enter and exit the sauna safely.

  • Keep access points clear for swift exits.

  • Remove jewelery to prevent burns.

  • Sit on a clean towel.

  • Limit sauna sessions to 20 minutes or as recommended by Haar Sauna operators.

  • Avoid touching the stove, stove cage, or rocks.

  • No alcohol, nudity, or smoking in the sauna.

  • Follow Haar Sauna operators' instructions for pouring water on hot rocks.

  • Use only provided 'sauna water' for pouring.

  • Children under 17 are not allowed.

  • Haar Sauna is not responsible for property damage or loss.

  • Use the cold plunge at your own risk, ensuring you can handle cold water and its associated risks.

  • If booking for a group, inform all users of these terms and safe sauna practices.

  • Haar Sauna operators can refuse admission to intoxicated individuals or those posing a safety risk.

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